What’s the Difference Between AR and VR?

Have you ever put on a VR headset and entered a virtual world? A lot of VR games have become quite popular globally. They have become the first point of reference for the people to experience virtual reality. But there is also another segment of digital realities, augmented reality. If you own an iPhone, you might have seen the feature of projecting virtual objects into the real world through the phone screen. The famous game, Pokemon GO is the best example of what augmented reality is like. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Augmented reality vs virtual reality has become one of the hot topics on the internet. People are trying to understand these two digital realities and the way they differ from each other.

The digital realities have a huge potential for the future. They can be used in the gaming industry, e commerce, logistics, medical field and a lot more sectors. They are getting recognized for their potential and have found applications in cases like tracking a parcel in logistics, or to simulate a complex operation on the human body. But then, people also need to understand what augmented reality vs virtual reality stands for. This is why you need to understand both the digital realities and gain an edge over the differences between the two and similarities between AR and VR.

Let us take a dive into understanding the digital realities, their differences and similarities between AR and VR.

What is Virtual Reality?

If you have ever played games on VR headsets, then it will be easier for you to understand what virtual reality means. As the name suggests, it is the simulation of a virtual world with different assets and interactive interfaces. It is created using smart algorithms that simulate the kind of environment that has been coded into them. These virtual reality worlds can be accessed using special sensors and gadgets. They let the users enter the virtual world and interact with the simulations that have been projected with the help of the software. Other than the gaming industry, virtual reality finds its applications in medical field and e commerce as well. People can try out different outfits from the comfort of their homes using virtual reality and projecting their own avatar into the virtual world. Complex surgeries can be prepared for using the virtual setup where the doctors get to practice the surgery.

You can even become a virtual reality developer after taking up certain courses. Blockchain Council offers  Virtual Reality Certifications that lets you enter the basics of virtual reality and gain hands on experience over live projects. You can create your own platforms as well and create a career in this field.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Now that we have discussed what virtual reality is, next topic amongst augmented reality vs virtual reality is talking about augmented reality. We have discussed that VR is simulation of the real world in virtual format. Well, the opposite of that case is the augmented reality. Augmented reality is a setup where the virtual world is projected through a device screen into the real world. You can see virtual objects in the real world through a phone screen, for example. Pokemon GO is the best example of augmented reality. Even the virtual emojis that iPhone offers, is an example of augmented reality. Augmented reality adds to the real life experience of a person.

Augmented reality finds its application in the field of commerce, where people can see how different products like a sofa set, would look like in their living room. It is also useful in logistics as people just have to wear AR headsets and they can automatically process the parcels from one place to ship to another.

The debate of augmented reality vs virtual reality can never be finished as both these realities are interconnected. Similarities between AR and VR make it hard for the experts to keep them apart. This is why, mixed reality where both augmented and virtual reality is being used has become the new norm. Certified mixed reality expert course by Blockchain Council will let you in on all the other description of how virtual reality vs augmented reality examples can be taken and mixed up with each other. You can create your own career out of this topic.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Learning about what virtual reality and augmented reality stands for gives a deeper insight about the augmented reality vs virtual reality topic. You get to learn about the differences in the principles of the two digital realities. In the current scenarios, these realities are being used in different industries for research purposes and other applications. Even though augmented reality and virtual reality, both make use of digital interfaces, there are basic differences between the two. Let us take a look at all the other differences that the two realities have:

  1. Augmented reality makes use of a real world setting, while the virtual reality is set up in a virtual world and often the real world is simulated in such settings.
  2. Users get to control their presence in the augmented reality simulation. The system gets to control the whole interface when it comes to a virtual reality simulation.
  3. VR requires the users to wear a headset or other gadget to enter the virtual world. AR can be accessed using simple devices like a smartphone.
  4. Augmented reality adds up to both, real and virtual world. But virtual reality only lets the users experience the virtual world at a time.


Now that we have learnt about  the differences and similarities between AR and VR, we can end the virtual reality vs augmented reality debate once and for all. A lot of industries are finding the application of these two realities in multiple cases. This is why the concept of mixed reality has become prominent as well. If you wish to learn more about augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, you can take up the certified Virtual Reality Courses ,  AI certification and 3D animation courses from Blockchain Council. These realities are the future of technology and people will rely a lot on them. You can gain an edge in this race to the future by taking up professional courses and improve your skillset.Also checkout the certified chatbot expert course and be a chatbot engineer today.

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