Tips to Enhance Performance of Wavlink Extender

Nowadays, users perform Wavlink WiFi extender setup to stay connected to the internet. But, when an extender gives poor outcome after a few days, it irritates the most. If your Wavlink extender is also giving poor performance and you are looking for a guidance to enhance the productivity of your networking device, then you are at the perfect place.
Here, in this write up, we will cover some reasons behind this poor performance and will also give the troubleshooting tips that usually work. We advise users to walk through the article without skipping any point; otherwise, you will not be able to improve the performance of the device. Keep reading!

Why Does Wavlink Extender Not Perform Well?

Well, several reasons might have caused issue in networking devices. But, here we have discussed only major ones so that you easily get out of trouble.

Technical Glitches

The very first reason is technical glitches that occur due to over usage of the device.

Poor & Weak Internet Connection

The main work of the networking device is providing blazing-fast internet. But, when the extender does not get  proper signals from the host router or ISP, then it leads to issues.

Wireless Interference

Another big reason behind the issue at hand is WiFi interference that is caused by home appliances and metal objects.

Outdated Firmware

To get the utmost performance from the device you should keep it updated on time. Because outdated firmware does not support the functions of the device.

Excessive Distance

Distance of the extender from the host router plays a vital role because if you place the extender away from the router, then you may face network problems.
That’s all about the factors that cause the issue with the Wavlink extender. You can fix them by performing the Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips.

Hacks to Improve Wavlink Extender Performance

Before we dive into the advanced troubleshooting tips we would like to tell you about the basic hacks to improve the productivity of extender.

Check the Power Source

Let us start with checking the electricity source into which you have plugged the Wavlink extender because sometimes a device might not get a sufficient power supply from the socket.

  • You need to inspect the power cable of the extender if you have one. Make sure that the power cable is damage free.

  • If you found the cable is worn out then repair it or try to change the cable. As it is not safe for children, they can get harmed by touching the wire.

Now, move to the next possible hack which is about the internet.

Verify the Internet Connection

Now, you should check the internet connection of the extender with the host router. If you have used the Ethernet cable to connect the devices, then check the entire cable. It should be non-damaged and properly inserted into the networking devices’ ports.
If you see everything is fine, then contact the internet service provider. This is because; sometimes ISP blocks the internet without informing the users.

Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware of the extender on time is very important because firmware gives support the device’s functions to work properly. But, when the firmware of the device runs on its outdated firmware, it puts it at a higher risk which is not good for the extender. So, we advise you to check the firmware version, if you found the outdated firmware, and then update it.

Remove Wireless Interference

Last but not the least; remove the WiFi interference. Maybe the device is surrounded by wireless interference. To remove it, you can use the following points.

  • Do not place the extender near the home appliances.

  • Try to keep the device away from the metal objects.

Hence, these are the Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips to improve the performance of the extender in a hassle-free manner.

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