Regaining Momentum: A Comprehensive Guide to Reinstating Your Selling Privileges


Selling on presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach a broader customer base. However, having your selling privileges revoked can halt your momentum and hinder your growth prospects. Fortunately selling privileges revoked a structured appeals process to help sellers reinstate their privileges. In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps and strategies to successfully navigate the appeal process and regain your selling privileges on

Understanding Selling Privileges Revocation

Having your selling privileges revoked on occurs when the platform takes action against a seller for violating its policies, breaching terms of service, or failing to meet performance standards. Common reasons for selling privileges revocation include poor order defect rates, late shipment rates, intellectual property violations, or fraudulent activity. When your selling privileges are revoked, you lose access to’s platform, resulting in the loss of sales and inventory.

Review the Revocation Notice

The first step in reinstating your selling privileges is to carefully review the revocation notice provided by Walmart. This notice typically outlines the reason for the revocation and may include details about specific policy violations or performance metrics that led to the revocation. Understanding the root cause of the revocation is crucial for formulating an effective appeal strategy.

Assess and Address the Issue

Once you’ve identified the reason for the revocation, take immediate action to address the underlying issue. This may involve conducting a thorough review of your seller account, identifying any policy violations or performance deficiencies, and implementing corrective measures. For example, if the revocation is due to a high rate of order defects, focus on improving order fulfillment processes and customer service standards.

Gather Supporting Documentation

Compile supporting documentation and evidence to substantiate your appeal. This may include order fulfillment records, customer communications, invoices, or any other relevant information that demonstrates your compliance with’s policies and commitment to customer satisfaction. Providing comprehensive documentation strengthens your appeal and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Craft a Persuasive Appeal Letter

Craft a persuasive appeal letter to submit to’s Seller Performance team. Your appeal letter should clearly articulate the steps you’ve taken to address the issues leading to the revocation, as well as any preventive measures implemented to ensure compliance in the future. Be concise, professional, and specific in your communication, and avoid making unsubstantiated claims or promises that you cannot fulfill.

Submit the Appeal through Seller Center

Submit your appeal through’s Seller Center by logging into your seller account and navigating to the “Performance” tab. Select “Appeals” and follow the prompts to submit your appeal, ensuring that you provide all requested information accurately and thoroughly. Once submitted, monitor your Seller Center account for updates and notifications from regarding the status of your appeal.

Follow Up and Provide Additional Information if Needed

Be proactive in following up with’s Seller Performance team and providing any additional information or documentation requested during the appeal process. Respond promptly to any inquiries or requests for clarification, and maintain open communication to demonstrate your cooperation and commitment to resolving the issue. Be patient and persistent, as the appeals process may take time, and multiple rounds of communication may be necessary to reach a resolution.

Monitor the Appeal Status and Stay Informed

Monitor the status of your appeal through’s Seller Center and stay informed about any updates or developments. Check your email regularly for communication from’s Seller Performance team, and respond promptly to any requests or notifications. Stay informed about’s policies and guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance and prevent future revocations of your selling privileges.


Reinstating your selling privileges on is a challenging process, but with careful preparation, effective communication, and perseverance, it is possible to achieve a successful outcome. By understanding the reason for the revocation, addressing the underlying issues, and presenting a compelling appeal, sellers can demonstrate their commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction. Remember to remain patient, proactive, and persistent throughout the appeals process, and seek guidance from’s Seller Support or professional advisors if needed. With determination and the right approach, sellers can overcome revocations and resume selling with confidence on’s platform.

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