IPLCinema : Business and Marketing Genius of the IPL

IPL Cinema is competing head to head with Reader to win India’s IPL News market. Also JIOCinema TV commercial features cricketers MS Dhoni and Suryakumar Yadav urging their fans to watch IPL matches digitally.

This tournament generated millions of video views on its platform during this season; however, viewers should remain engaged now that its seasons has concluded.


IPL stands out from traditional sporting events seen on television by offering fans an immersive, live experience where they can interact directly with players and action happening around them. This has created an unforgettable brand associated with entertainment and excitement that has gained global appeal; leading brands to bid heavily to be part of it; making IPL one of the costliest and highest profile sponsorship deals worldwide.

JioCinema became the official digital streaming partner of Indian Premier League (IPL) this season, turning the tournament into a live event on a digital platform with stadium-like experience. Their IPL campaign aimed at shifting consumer expectations of how they watch it this season; furthermore they launched fan-centric digital offerings enabling viewers to customize how they watch their teams and players compete resulting in record viewership across JioCinema and Viacom18’s OTT player Hotstar.

IPL’s growing popularity has opened up new advertising opportunities for companies with strong presence online. As consumers increasingly shift spending to digital platforms, more advertisers are allocating all their IPL ad budgets to JioCinema; prompting this company to increase advertising slots 13 times since last year!

While this has contributed to increased ad revenue, it has also seen the number of paid sponsorships decrease, as more sponsors opted to use their own platforms for IPL this year. Overall advertising markets remain soft due to macroeconomic slowdown and funding winter affecting all categories, according to Zenith India CEO Jai Lala; additionally, IPL’s vast audience made allocating spend difficult.

Marketing genius that led to IPL’s phenomenal marketing success can teach us many valuable lessons, one of the most significant being focusing on consumer centricity. Despite criticism from analysts and experts, the success of this brand lies in providing consumers with an enjoyable entertainment experience through constant innovation aimed at meeting changing consumer needs while forging long-term relationships with them. This should serve as an important lesson for consumer goods companies looking to stay at the top of consumer market share.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of few global sporting phenomena with an equivalent broadcast valuation to America’s National Football League (NFL). Big advertisers vying for IPL advertising rights cannot miss out on such an unprecedented opportunity; thus advertising budgets for matches typically run into millions. But this year was different, as Reliance Industries founder Mukesh Ambani made a strategic move by permitting viewers to watch these matches for free on Jio Cinema’s platform; an initiative meant to disrupt market trends and gain foothold in digital streaming space.

While Disney Star Sports had held onto IPL broadcast rights previously, Jio Cinema’s free streaming of IPL matches could compromise subscription revenues on SVOD platforms such as Hotstar and Disney; therefore both companies are increasing content investments to attract and keep paying subscribers.

JioCinema gives fans unparalleled control of how they experience TATA IPL. Starring cricket legend MS Dhoni, the ad encourages viewers to ditch boring TV and embrace digital revolution by streaming IPL via JioCinema, featuring multi-camera angles, commentary in seven languages, and 4K video quality as hallmark features of JioCinema.

JioCinema app has seen over one million downloads in just a few weeks and quickly become one of the most favored OTT applications in India. Not only does it provide free IPL streaming, but also boasts an expansive library of movies and television shows available in Hindi, English, Bhojpuri and Punjabi as well as offering an easy user interface and payment options suitable to individual needs.

JioCinema app has attracted the interest of major brands that want to reach wide audiences through innovative offerings on this platform, such as Dream 11, AJIO, JioMart, Tiago EV, Castrol Asian Paints etc. Additionally, this app has exclusive content which has received positive feedback from audiences.


IPL, one of the most beloved sporting events worldwide, provides marketing opportunities to both traditional and new-age brands alike. Its broadcast value ranks second only to that of NFL in terms of global reach and is an incredible moneymaker for both players and franchisees alike. Furthermore, its TRP ratings ensure it garners massive media coverage; therefore brand owners carefully consider which event they want their association with before making their choice.

JioCinema, as official digital streaming partner of the IPL, has taken advantage of the opportunity to make cricket accessible to millions of Indian consumers who may not have access to traditional television. Free streaming of matches has set viewership records; one match featuring Chennai Super Kings against Rajasthan Royals reached 22 million concurrent viewers on April 12th alone!

JioCinema’s popularity during IPL has helped it compete with subscription video on demand (SVOD) platforms like Disney and Hotstar that charge users for content streaming services such as Disney or Hotstar, both of which charge subscription fees to access their offerings. IPL viewers may cause paid streaming platforms like Disney or Hotstar to increase their content budgets resulting in increased subscriber retention rates and consequently their content budgets will increase accordingly.

as per Pioneer Epaper : JioCinema provides movie releases across many languages and formats including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Bengali Marathi Gujarati Bhojpuri among many more. Their platform can be found across devices from televisions to mobile phones; users will experience something comparable to watching live television channels when using JioCinema’s scoreboard or pitch heat map features.

With increasing numbers of young Indians tuning in to watch IPL, it has become an invaluable advertising platform for domestic and international brands alike. According to experts, this trend will only become more apparent given that young viewers continue tuning in at an increasing pace. Furthermore, its high-quality production and engaging commentary makes the tournament appealing to viewers; thus providing brands an effective means of connecting with youth around the globe and becoming one of the most coveted sponsorship opportunities within India itself.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) has successfully transitioned viewership away from traditional TV and onto digital platforms, becoming one of the most watched events in India and worldwide. IPL provides brands an ideal opportunity to build brand recognition while strengthening brand equity through media including TV, radio, social media channels, OTT platforms and other digital avenues.

JioCinema recorded 1.47 billion video views during its opening weekend broadcast of IPL 2023 on JioCinema. This broke Hotstar’s previous record of 25.3 million concurrent viewers during 2019 ICC World Cup final match and marked the first time that a single platform managed such an astounding number of simultaneous streams for live streaming event.

With more than 550 million viewers anticipated for this year’s IPL event, marketers will have plenty of chances to tap into its massive audience. But choosing a channel that best meets their goals and budget can be tricky. In past years, most advertising spend was weighted 80:20 towards television; now spending is more evenly split across TV and OTT platforms.

Due to this popularity of IPL among OTT players and digital streaming companies in India, it has become an attractive event for digital rights holder such as Reliance Industries Ltd’s JioCinema which recently outbid Disney and other media companies for digital rights for five years of IPL broadcasts.

JioCinema provides free streaming to users of Jio’s telecom network and plans to add more content after IPL. They have partnered with global content companies such as Warner Bros and NBC Universal to offer premium tier subscription plans for their users.

JioCinema has taken a regional approach for the IPL, offering matches in 12 languages. Ads highlighting its advantages are emphasizing this aspect; these include commentary, score and statistics in their preferred language as well as memes and influencer campaigns promoting the event.

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