5 Tabletop Games Set In The Middle Ages And Antiquity

Fans of Crusader Kings 3 and other games set in the Middle Ages or Ancient Times might be interested in these real-life board games from the time.

Even though computer games are fairly new, people have been playing different kinds of board games for thousands of years. In fact, archeologists often find pieces of games from ancient times and the Middle Ages when they dig in cities or places where armies were stationed. So far, sixteen game boards have been found just at the Roman fort of Vindolanda in Britain.

Written records also allude to board games with famous poets making references to their rules. But King Alfonso X of Castile’s Libro de los juegos, or Book of Games, which describes a huge number of different games, has to be the best source of all, at least for the Middle Ages. These ancient and medieval board games are often the ancestors of their modern versions, and some of them are even included as extra mini-games in the best historical board games.

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