Some of the Latest 7KG Fully Automatic Washing Machines Launched This Year

A washing machine is a modern household appliance that revolutionized the way to do laundry. A 7kg fully automatic washing machine is a popular choice among households as it can handle the laundry needs of a small to medium-sized family. LG washing machine 7kg fully automatic has advanced features such as adjustable water levels, multiple wash programs, and automatic dispensers. 

These machines ensure thorough cleaning while reducing water and energy consumption. The fully automatic function also means that the machine takes care of every step of the washing process, from filling with water to rinsing and spinning the clothes. Washing machine price may vary for different brands and different models. 

Listed below are some of the latest 7kg fully automatic washing machines launched this year

LG 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – FHM1207SDL

This washing machine provides an efficient and convenient way to clean your clothes. With its Allergy Care function, you can enjoy a hygienic wash that eliminates most viruses. The direct drive motor eliminates the need for additional components, resulting in less energy waste, reduced vibrations, and noise.

This LG washing machine 7kg fully automatic also has a waterproof touch panel for easy operation without drying your hands. The built-in heater can heat water up to 95°C, making it ideal for removing stains and allergens from your clothes. This LG washing machine price starts from 29,990.

Croma 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – CRAW1403

This washing machine is packed with features to simplify your laundry tasks. With a capacity of 7 kg, you can wash more clothes in one go. Designed with your clothes’ well-being in mind, this machine features a water blow Pulsator for better cleaning and wrinkle-free results.

It operates effectively even at low water pressure, and its double balance ring makes it stable and quiet. This washing machine has 8 water level settings; you’ll achieve optimal washing performance. This Croma washing machine price starts from 14,990.

Godrej 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine -WTEON

This washing machine has several convenient features to enhance your laundry experience. The Pre-Soak function allows you to soak heavily soiled clothing for up to 30 minutes for a more thorough wash.

The soak time can also be customized based on the type of laundry. This washing machine has a 100% water-resistant digital panel with inlay molded technology that keeps water and dust out of the control panel. This Godrej washing machine price starts from 22,000.

Samsung 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – WW70T502NTW

This washing machine ensures a thorough and hygienic cleaning for your garments with the Hygiene Steam cycle, eliminating the need for pre-treatments. This washing machine cycle releases steam from the bottom of the drum, thoroughly soaking all items and removing stubborn dirt and 99.9% germs and allergens.

The Digital Inverter Technology uses strong magnets for quiet and efficient performance, using less energy than a Universal Motor and providing exceptional durability without the need for brushes. This Samsung washing machine price starts from 31,790 and it is available in popular e-commerce and retail stores.

IFB 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – ZSS 7010

This washing machine is designed with innovative features to deliver spotless and fresh clothing. This washing machine has a cutting-edge water system for your laundry needs, ensuring optimal soaking for a thorough wash.

Its anti-allergen function provides a safe and hygienic washing experience, perfect for families with kids. The auto-tub clean feature automatically cleans the tub after 40 wash cycles and reminds you to run the cleaning program. This IFB washing machine price starts from 34,990.

LG 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – T70SJMB1Z.ABMQEIL

This washing machine is reliable, long-lasting, and water and rust-resistant for optimal performance. Enjoy enhanced cleaning with the Smart Motion, Turbo Drum, and Smart Inverter Control.

This LG washing machine 7kg fully automatic has built-in Jet Spray+ that targets dirt and excess detergent for efficient cleaning. This washing machine includes the Air Dry function that keeps the tub’s interior dry, minimizes moisture on the clothes, and prevents mold. This LG washing machine price starts from Rs. 23,290.


The fully automatic washing machine offers a variety of features and functions to make the washing process easier and faster. Its 7kg capacity is suitable for families or individuals with moderate laundry requirements. 

LG washing machine 7kg fully automatic has a compact size which makes it ideal for those with limited home space. Bajaj Mall is a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs, offering a wide range of products, including LG washing machines 7kg fully automatic, air-conditioners, mobiles, appliances, furniture, and fitness equipment. The best part is that customers can avail of the convenience of shopping on EMI with the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card.

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