List of Newest Tower of Fantasy Simulacra in 2024 So Far

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The people at Hotta Studio have been hard at work in bringing us new and exciting content to the world of Tower of Fantasy. One of these new contents is a bunch of new Tower of Fantasy Simulacra! These new characters have interesting weapons and lore—plus, the character designs are pretty nice to look at while playing. These new characters have interesting weapons and lore—plus, the character designs are pretty nice to look at while playing.

So whether you’re a newbie to Tower of Fantasy or a veteran who took a break but is now coming back to play again (excellent choice), it’s good to know the new Simulacra additions that have been added during the first quarter of 2024. And just in case you have a hard time rolling for some of these characters (ah, the harsh reality of gacha), take a look at this handy-dandy Tower of Fantasy top up place.

But first, let’s meet the newest Tower of Fantasy Simulacra added in 2024 so far.


Plotti was added to Tower of Fantasy on January 20, 2024. She is an SSR grade Simulacrum with the weapon EP-7000 Skyfire. Expect fun aerial combat in your gameplay with Plotti!

Plotti has a perfectionist side to her. Her lore says that if you let her plan things, she can get really meticulous and neurotic with every single detail. But hey, it’s good to know that she’s very thorough! No wonder her weapon can violently blast from the sky. A good vantage point to thoroughly pew-pew-pew enemies? Count Plotti in.

Personality-wise, she can be a bit aloof. But together with her adorable bear alter-ego, Poppa, Plotti brings a unique cuteness to Tower of Fantasy.


Yanuo made her debut in the game on February 20, 2024. She has an SSR grade and wields the weapon Wicked.

According to her lore, Yanuo is a stealthy perfectionist who tries to be extremely precise with her movements. You won’t see her hesitating because her every move is calculated! Because of those extreme habits, she is regarded as a dependable Executor of Hekros who will always have your back. On top of that, she’s a kind, gentle, and all-around good gal.


Tower of Fantasy’s collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion brought Asuka Langley Soryu into the mix! She joined the game on March 12, 2024, and together with other exclusive Evangelion content. Just like the other Tower of Fantasy Simulacra in this list, she also has an SSR grade. Asuka’s weapon is the Spear of Longinus.

Due to some spacetime anomalies, Asuka found herself in Vera along with her other Evangelion buddies. She is curious about this new world and admires the courage and resiliency of its residents. However, the anomalies have brought Angels too. The fiery Asuka won’t let them harm anyone, though!


Just like Asuka, Rei was added to the game as part of the Tower of Fantasy Evangelion collaboration. She officially joined the game on March 28, 2024, a few weeks after Asuka.

Rei’s weapon of choice is the bow Salvation. Similar to Asuka, she arrived on Vera in her EVA unit due to spacetime anomalies.

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Meta Description: Tower of Fantasy has added new Simulacra to the game! Here’s a list of all new Tower of Fantasy Simulacra added in 2024 so far.

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