Innovative Loyalty Programs: Rewards and Perks to Keep Salon Customers Coming Back

Salons with exceptional success have one thing in common: they consistently deliver high-quality services. Customers are the heart of every business. A client can come to your salon for the first time or can be a repeat customer. Giving outstanding services should be your foremost priority. To match your pace with stiff competition consider starting innovative loyalty programs.

To make your marketing job easy, loyalty programs will come in handy. Loyalty programs are a win-win for both you and your client. It will ensure the repeat booking of existing clients while keeping bringing in new ones. After the Covid pandemic when small businesses reopen their doors, it’s necessary to re-engage with the clientele to get back on your feet. According to facts, customer retention is always a priority, client acquisition takes equal precedence. To achieve that salon loyalty programs are an effective and easy way to build a strong customer base. 

A loyalty program is simply a reward system that a business offers to its returning customers. You can offer coupons, free merchandise, cash back, and even exclusive products before the launch. Through thick and thin, small business owners heavily rely on loyalty programs. 

Benefits of loyalty programs

Before we dive into creative ways of innovative loyalty programs, let’s quickly touch upon why having a loyalty program is crucial. Here are a few reasons why a well-crafted loyalty program can be a game-changer for your salon business.

Client Retention

A salon loyalty program helps you build a stronger bond with your clients and encourage them to choose your services over competitors. Keeping happy and engaged clients ensures that you have a regular certain level of revenue coming in.

Reduced Marketing Costs

It’s been established now that a successful loyalty program will help you with client retention. Now, client retention directly connects with less need for marketing. Your existing clients will do the word-of-mouth marketing for you. And what’s better than saving your capital and achieving more remarkable results without investing a hefty budget?

High Engagement Rate

While signing up for rewards programs, clients will leave their contact details with you. And that can be used for sending regular business-related updates. When contacted regularly clients feel appreciated and valued. Sending newsletters and other interesting content will keep them engaged with your services. 

Innovative Loyalty Programs

Self-care is no longer a luxury, but a preference for many people. When running your business efficiently there’s always room for growth and improvement. Reevaluate your current services and marketing tactics and add new ones according to marketing trends and client needs. This is why in this piece today we’re discussing innovative loyalty programs that’ll keep salon customers coming back for more. 

Personalized Packages 

One of the ways to make your clients feel unique is by creating a special package exclusively for them. Make sure your loyal clients get the VIP treatment they deserve. Consider crafting different packages with different services for special customers. You can also include services, based on the previous services they availed. Nothing can make a client feel happier than having a “VIP badge”. 

Expert Recommendations

Hire beauty experts in your salon and provide free consultations to your loyal customers. Collaborate with an experienced dermal therapist. Offer certified free skincare routines and treatment plans to help address skin issues. A unique perk like this will keep salon customers coming back for more while helping your innovative loyalty programs. 

Points-Based Reward System 

One of the most creative ways of offering rewards and perks is a point-based reward system. Most salon owners prefer the point reward system because it’s easy to implement and a cakewalk for clients to understand. Introduce point packages to encourage more customers. For instance, one customer referral will get you 300 points, make appointments on a birthday and get 170 points, or have more than 3 services in one visit and get 100 points. 

Access to Exclusive Events

Create a sense of exclusivity and allow your VIP clients to attend special events at their salons or boutiques in the area. Beauty demos, product launches, or self-care sessions. You can also conduct events in your salon. As a result, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert. Invite your suppliers, partners, and influencers in the industry. Arrange on-the-house munchings and make the event a fun experience for all your clients. 

Social Media Contest and Giveaways 

Invest time to promote your salon through social media. With the digital revolution, almost every business needs an effective online presence. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram all can help you attract new clients and followers. Salon owners can use the same platform to conduct contests and giveaways. It’s the perfect idea for innovative loyalty programs. Ask your followers to share their reviews and experience with your services and offer special gifts for the top ten users who posted their reviews first. You can take advantage of other platforms like Yelp and ask your clients to share their feedback. 

Special Discounts on Online Bookings

Motivate your clients to make online bookings. For every season, a sale. That’s how the saying goes, right? Today, we have an enduring tool to offer you that’ll help your business in every season and sale. Picktime is a simplified cloud-based appointment scheduling software that can be used by beauty and wellness professionals. It has a user-friendly interface with 24/7 access and multiple location availability.

Not only beauty, Medical, Entertainment, Art, Education, Events, Personal Sessions, Sports, Designing, or Government any industry can use Picktime. It has an endless list of features with modest rates. Picktime offers a booking page customizable to multiple languages with a unique URL and a book now button. Using Picktime users will also get a booking form feature to collect extra information or requests about their clients. There are no extra installations required and it’ll offer 24Hrs chat support for any queries and doubts.

With Picktime users will get a real-time slot availability for the convenience of users. You’ll also secure a database to save the personal details of your clients. Users can also leverage easy payment options. Just integrate with PayPal or Stripe. In addition, Picktime will send automatic SMS & email reminders of bookings.

Automatic timezone conversion, powerful integration, unlimited appointments, online calendar (Apple/Google/Outlook), approve bookings, waitlist, merge contact, and the list goes on. Sign up today with Picktime for free and discover more.

In addition to the above-shared tips, tailor the interior of your salon to a more soothing decor. The right promotion and marketing always include everything from the client’s first interaction to your business name to the first service. No matter the current status of your salon and profits, growth is always within your reach. Take this advice to heart and keep putting effort into the success of your salon.

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