Halls Of Torment: 7 Best Garments, Ranked

In Halls of Torment, it’s important to pick the right weapons if you want to stay alive. Here is how the clothes in the game compare to each other.

Halls Of Torment is a new horror survival game made by the independent studio Chasing Carrots. It has simple controls and a terrible story. The graphics take players back a couple of decades, and they have to survive a 30-minute attack by demons from hell. This is a very difficult job.

In Halls of Torment, one of the most important things a player can do to make sure their character does well is to give them the right tools. In the game, there are many kinds of armor that each have their own benefits. Some of these are shoes, caps, rings, and clothes. When it comes to protecting the chest, there are seven different kinds to choose from. Which ones are the best?

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