Ember Knights: 5 Best Weapons, Ranked

In Ember Knights, each weapon is best for a certain type of build, but there are a few that make it much easier to clear floors of enemies.

Ember Knights may seem to have a small number of weapons at first, but each one has a wide range of unique upgrades and stats and abilities that can be very important when trying to make a build that can survive a run without being overrun by enemies.

Ember Knights has five weapons. The Ember Blade is available right away, but the other four can only be opened by getting a certain amount of Ember. This is easy to do by playing the game and beating bosses and mini-bosses.

Players should also know that they won’t be able to update their weapons right away. They’ll have to beat the mini-boss, Anville, before they can talk to Marvin and learn how to change their weapons. Ember Knights has a

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