8 Fighting Game Spinoffs From RPGs Games

Some parts of Street Fighter 6 are like RPG brawlers, but these RPGs were turned into real fighting games.

Street Fighter 6 is making a big splash in the fighting game world right now because its gameplay is as good as ever. World Tour, which is the game’s tale mode, has also helped it do well. It’s not exactly an RPG fight in the same way that River City Girls is, but it’s close. Players can make a character, fight random NPCs to level up, and then take on well-known figures like Chun-Li and Ryu.

It’s too bad that Capcom hasn’t made a true Street Fighter brawler or an RPG before this. On the other end of the scale, these eight RPG series have been turned into fighting games. Some of them have been forgotten, so it’s time to start loving them again.

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