6 Rarest And Most Expensive MS-DOS Games

DOS was used before Windows. Here are the most expensive and hard-to-find MS-DOS games from the golden age of computers.

In the early days of personal computers, MS-DOS, which stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System, was one of the most famous interfaces. DOS could run on any PC, no matter who made it, unlike rivals like Apple and Commodore. Users could even start it up with floppy disks instead of a local hard drive. Because the DOS market was so big, a lot of game makers made games for it. Not only could they expect a lot of possible customers, but computers could also handle games that were more complicated than what was available at the time.

Also, making a few floppy disks was a lot cheaper than making private cartridges. Some of those floppy disks have become collector’s items, even if they were cheap when they were made. Like many old games, games that used to be common are now pieces of history and memories. Even though the oldest and most expensive DOS games aren’t cheap, collectors still want them a lot.

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